What Is Seigen

Seigen is the Ultimate dietary supplement that, through the action of biofermentics, enhances food metabolism and maintains the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal system.

Seigen is a super immune supplement that improves digestion, actively strengthens immunity, increases energy, creating better health and a happier life experience. This dietary supplement has been in development for more than 70 years in Japan. Seigen is composed of lactobacillus fermented extracts. The complex symbiotic culturing method of production involves an advanced proprietary process by use of premium plant-based milk and is fermented by dozens of different strains of friendly lactobacillus bacteria and four strains of yeast.

The development process has been refined over decades of time, which is overseen by eminent biotechnology scientists who have presented to the world a dietary supplement offering multiple and diverse structural and functional beneficial effects on health.