Digestion Support

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Digestion Support   Over 100 trillion bacteria inhabit your digestive tract. Some are beneficial and essential to life and some are harmful (pathogenic). When beneficial bacteria predominate, they counteract harmful bacteria to try to guard [...]


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Seigen Biofermentics assists the human body in so many ways. It improves the functionality of the digestive system, thereby helping with nutrient absorption. It can renovate and regulate the intestinal microflora and prepare the intestinal [...]

Anti-Aging Properties

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Anti-Aging Properties Seigen introduces highly beneficial metabolites to the digestive tract, which are the important activators of detoxification, metabolism and digestion. As we age, the total number of microbiota begins to decline – from 100%, [...]

The Facts About Seigen

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The Facts About Seigen Seigen (a Japanese word for Lifesource) is a health-promoting dietary supplement that, through the action of biofermentics, enhances food metabolism and maintains the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal [...]


Seigen History and Research


  • Dr. Elie Mechnikov (1845-1916)
  • Otani Kozui (1876-1948)
  • Dr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki (1939)