Q What is Seigen?


A. Seigen is new in the USA – a natural health enhancing product manufactured in Japan. The result of over 70 years of intensive research and development, it is manufactured by means of an elaborate scientific technology known as biofermentics – an advanced symbiotic culturing process. Seigen introduces highly beneficial metabolites to the digestive tract, which are the real activators of detoxification, metabolism and digestion. This unique natural food supplement strengthens the immune. It enables users to maintain high levels of beneficial bacteria in their digestive tract, suppressing unhealthy bacteria, delaying the aging process and promoting an optimal state of health.


Q What are the main ingredients of Seigen?


A. The main ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E, Amino acids lysine, arginine, histidine, leucine, glycine, serine, cystine, tryptophan, etc., minerals phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium, soyasaponin, and a whole array of beneficial fatty acids such as lactic acid, butyric acid, acetic acid and propionic acid. Especially important is the inclusion of the Isoflavones known as genistein and diadzein.


Q What are some of the actual health benefits that users of Seigen may expect?


A. Improved metabolism, better digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhanced immunity, better liver function, detoxification of the whole body, alleviation of stress, sharpened memory, balanced intestinal bacterial flora, increased energy & stamina, improved restful sleep, and anti-oxidant effect.


Q What is the difference between Seigen and a probiotic in regard to their function?


A. “Probiotic” simply designates live bacteria that promote the reproduction and proliferation of beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract. Seigen, on the other hand, prepares the environment in which probiotics can function at maximum efficiency. Seigen actively detoxifies the body and at the same time adds a large quantity of metabolites to the digestive tract.


These activate metabolism, improve digestion, enhance absorption and distribution of nutrients, boost immunity, and work systemically in the body to address challenges to health.


Although probiotics are very important, they cannot function maximally unless they can operate within a compatible environment – just like the best seed in the world cannot reproduce if planted in a hostile rocky, unfertile, ultra-dry wilderness.


Q How should I use Seigen?


A. First, please know that Seigen is a food and not a drug. Generally speaking, a user will take one or two of the little packets of Seigen three times per day for restoration and maintenance of general health. The quantity may be increased gradually. Larger quantities have proven to enhance health more effectively than smaller amounts. If diarrhea occurs, temporarily discontinue use and then start in again, gradually increasing the quantity.


Q Is it okay to take Seigen along with medications prescribed by my physician?


A. Yes, it is okay. Seigen is a dietary food supplement – not a drug. It can be used together with chemically compounded medicines and has no known side-effects. Moreover, it is non habit-forming. Feel free to use it together with medications, gradually increasing the amount of Seigen.


Q Which Seigen product should I take?


A. All three Seigen products detoxify the intestinal tract, improve digestion and boost the immune system.


Seigen V (green box) contains microbial constituents such as peptidoglycan and MDP (muramyl dipeptide), which play an important role in the enhancement of immune system. It is especially powerful and works fast, due to concentration and special processing with additional ingredients.


Seigen Gold (blue box) is the original, standard type consisting of 100% lactobacillus fermented extracts. It is completely natural, produced from various kinds of effective lactobacilli, and co-cultured with yeasts. It stimulates the work of the intestines and causes beneficial bacteria to dominate the intestinal flora. Since it does not contain any live bacteria, it is not affected by stomach acids or heat and can be mixed with fruit juice or hot drinks.


Seigen Alpha (red box) is the latest and most powerful of the three varieties. Very select premium probiotics are used in the production of Seigen Alpha. It excels in the highly important functions of detoxifying the intestinal tract, improving digestion and enhancing the immune system. Like the other Seigen varieties, it is available in handy “stick” packets so that it is easy to carry with you and take, mixed with water, on the go. Citric Acid and lemon juice are added for a smooth, pleasant taste.


Q How long will it take for Seigen to take effect so that it will make a noticeable difference?


A. This differs widely, depending on the status of the individual’s body. The condition of the intestinal tract, dietary habits, and even age, can determine the time required before a difference is noticed. An elderly person might be taking increasing dosages of Seigen Alpha for three to six months before results are readily observable.


Q Must Seigen always be mixed with water?


A. No. You may mix it with fruit juice if you prefer.


Q Into how much water or juice should I mix Seigen?


A. This is flexible. We suggest you mix three, six, nine or twelve of the small packets of Seigen into a 16-ounce or larger bottle of water or juice. Keep the lid on the bottle when you are not drinking from it. Occasionally pick the bottle up, shake it a little, remove the lid and drink some of the liquid. It is okay to sip from time to time throughout the day – or gulp down the entire contents within 15 to 30 minutes.


Q Is it safe to give Seigen to my pet?


A. Yes, you may safely include Seigen in the menu of any pet. Simply open one or more of the small packets of Seigen and scatter the contents over your pet’s meal.