Anti-Aging Properties

Seigen introduces highly beneficial metabolites to the digestive tract, which are the important activators of detoxification, metabolism and digestion. As we age, the total number of microbiota begins to decline – from 100%, 90%, 80% and so on. Advanced age results in progressive loss of the intestinal microflora.

When this happens, opportunistic and unhealthy bacteria begin to take over where the beneficial microbiota previously predominated. With the inevitable advance of age, the body becomes progressively unable to process the chemical substances that are universally present in the earth, air, and water. Myriads of unhealthy microorganisms, which are at home in the impaired intestinal environment, progressively predominate, accelerating the aging process.

If you have ever visited an assisted living facility, you may have noticed an offensive odor lingering in the air. It is caused primarily by the inability of most elderly seniors to maintain internal detoxing and cleansing, due to the impaired state of the microbiotic environment within their intestinal tracts.

This condition marks the beginning of an especially health-challenged phase of life. The individual’s body literally becomes self-polluting because of its inability to rid itself of accumulated waste matter through normal intestinal microflora detoxification.

Prominent Japanese (see blog section for history and research) scientists have discovered and developed over the last 70 years a complex symbiotic culturing method using 16 scientifically selected, premium, friendly microorganisms. With this highly sophisticated methodology and technical know-how they have produced very special metabolic compounds that will, throughout our life cycle, elevate the total number of microbiota by about 10%.

Likewise, these special compounds reduce the number of unhealthy bacteria by about 10% throughout the adult life cycle. Due to this 20% net positive effect on the intestinal microflora, health effects often described as miraculous have been observed.

Amazingly, when a person proceeds into old age and consistently consumes Seigen, that person’s microbiota level does not diminish. The elderly person is able to maintain a much higher level of microbiota, better metabolism, better digestion, and better nutrient absorption. Fewer age-related symptoms are experienced until the final day of life. A vastly improved quality of life is realized and enjoyed, well into old age.