Seigen Biofermentics assists the human body in so many ways. It improves the functionality of the digestive system, thereby helping with nutrient absorption. It can renovate and regulate the intestinal microflora and prepare the intestinal ecosystem, known as the microbiome, to increase beneficial bacteria. As it detoxifies and nourishes cells, tissues and organs, Seigen reduces stress, improves mood and helps increase immunity, energy, stamina and restful sleep.

Biofermentics is an advanced Nutritional Fermentation Science developed in Japan, which has produced a dietary supplement called Seigen. Biofermentics is an elaborate fermentation process. Soybean milk is used as the incubation culture medium, which is obtained by the pulverization of soybeans grown organically without the use of any chemical pesticides, followed by extraction with hot water. Seigen, a product of biofermentics, is manufactured through the primary incubation of 12 strains of healthy Lactobacilli and 4 strains of health-giving yeasts which are introduced to activate and balance the fermentation process. It is the first and only probiotic metabolite complex – now considered a super-nutrient. Effectiveness of Biofermentics (bios meaning life, fermentics meaning fermentation of food). Biofermentics is the fermentation of food with selected living bacteria and yeasts. It is the process by which Seigen is produced. Production involves an elaborate food fermentation process using soymilk as a medium. This process produces a product which benefits the human body by introducing metabolites to the digestive system, which significantly enhances digestion, immunity and general health.

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Masagaki and the cooperation of many people over half a century, advanced and reliable manufacturing technology for Seigen has been established.