The Facts About Seigen

Seigen (a Japanese word for Lifesource) is a health-promoting dietary supplement that, through the action of biofermentics, enhances food metabolism and maintains the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal system, resulting in improved digestion, strengthened immunity, increased energy, better health and a happier life experience. An amazing dietary supplement in development for more than 70 years in Japan, Seigen is composed of lactobacillus fermented extracts. The complex symbiotic culturing method of production involves an advanced proprietary process by which soybean milk is fermented by a dozen different strains of friendly lactobacillus bacteria and four strains of yeast. The development process has been refined over decades, overseen by eminent biotechnology scientists who have presented to the world a dietary supplement offering multiple and diverse structural and functional beneficial effects on health. Seigen’s main ingredients include vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, amino acids lysine, arginine, histidine, leucine, glycine, serine, cystine, tryptophan, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, soy saponin and a whole array of beneficial fatty acids such as lactic acid, butyric acid, acetic acid and propionic acid. Especially important is the inclusion of the isoflavones genistein and daidzein. To better understand how Seigen performs its beneficial function of strengthening the immune system and promoting general health, let’s briefly sketch the crucial role of bacteria inside the body.

As it detoxifies and nourishes cells, tissues and organs, Seigen reduces stress, improves mood and helps increase immunity, energy, stamina and restful sleep.

Your Digestive System

Your body is equipped with a 24 to 30-foot muscular “food tube” that begins in your mouth and ends at the lower extremity of your large intestine. Along the way hundreds of different species of tiny single-celled living organisms called bacteria or microbiota, numbering about 100 trillion, play a major role in the breakdown and conversion of your food into an absorbable form, so nutrients can pass into your blood stream and be transported to nourish the cells and tissues of your body. Once inside your intestinal tract, Seigen deposits tiny helpers, called metabolites, which assist in the conversion of food into an absorbable form during the complex metabolism process.

Living within your food tube are both beneficial bacteria and non-beneficial bacteria. The good ones are often called “friendly” or “beneficial” bacteria because their faithful service to your body results in major benefits. The non-beneficial bacteria can cause various challenges to health. At all times a conflict rages between the friendly and the unfriendly bacteria as both struggle for predominance. However, the presence of non-beneficial bacteria is a good feature, because as the friendly bacteria struggle against the contrary ones, the friendly bacteria gain strength. Just as a tree in a windy country has deeper roots, beneficial bacteria gain greater potency through their struggle against opposing bacteria.

Seigen helps the beneficial bacteria maintain predominance, which is essential to the proper maintenance of health, energy and life. Proper balance is key to the maintenance of optimal health. Your digestive system includes the stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, small and large intestines plus elaborate chemical processes. When introduced to your intestinal tract, Seigen performs the crucial roles of metabolizing your food, detoxing your entire body, maintaining the predominance of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract and preparing your intestinal ecosystem to efficiently process the food you eat. Your bloodstream is flooded with essential nutrients. You enjoy optimized immunity, more energy, dynamic health and a superior quality of life.

Your Intestinal Flora

The term “intestinal flora” refers to the vast array of bacteria (microbiota) within your food tube – about 100 trillion of them – consisting of both beneficial bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Friendly and unfriendly bacteria must be deployed in a favorable balance if your body is to function at its maximum health and energy levels. Beneficial bacteria must predominate. With a predominance of friendly bacteria, your digestive system functions properly, favorable chemical and hormonal balance is maintained, toxins are neutralized, essential vitamins and minerals perform their constructive services, immunity is maximized, and your body is positioned to enjoy dynamic health. Certain factors can intervene, create imbalance and enable the non-beneficial bacteria to predominate. This results in a barrage of unwanted attacks against your body. Excessive, prolonged stress, intemperate use of alcoholic beverages, junk foods, habitual shoddy diet, excessive use of antibiotics, cortisone, anti-inflammatory agents, extreme mental fatigue and a host of other factors can disturb your intestinal flora balance. The non-beneficial bacteria can take control and inflict unwelcome challenges to health.

Extensive studies performed by leading Japanese nutritional scientists have verified that the use of Seigen demonstrates the following attractive benefits: (THIS USEFUL LIST (below) MAY BE MOVED SOMEWHERE MORE USEFUL)
  • Empowerment of healthy intestinal flora action
  • Multiplication of friendly bacteria in the intestines
  • Enhanced support of digestion & immunity
  • Substantial anti-oxidant and anti-stress power
  • Helps to maintain the body’s blood glucose balance
  • Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  • Increases energy and stamina at any age
  • Resistance to functional health challenges
  • Promotion of healthy aging
  • Favorable action in cells